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Much deeper application, making it possible to reach muscular layers.

  • Sector

  • Technology
    HiFu – high-intensity focused ultrasound

  • Purpose
    More elastic, brighter and smoother skin, regeneration of the skin without resorting to surgery.

Unlike lasers and radio frequency, HiFU technology operates at a deeper level, making it possible to reach muscular layers.

Equipped with a scanner for capturing diagnostic images in real time and a dual handset – Body or Fineliner – depending on the face or body area to be treated.


SIDERIA HiFu technology

What it does

  • Non-surgical face lift to tackle skin imperfections
  • Skin rejuvenation and improvement in texture
  • Treatment requiring no anaesthetic, needles or stitches
  • Safe, fast, pain-free treatment for all skin types
  • No side effects, hospital stays or post-operative stress
  • Numerous programs to treat any skin condition
  • Handsets designed to reach different depths during the same treatment session
  • US penetration depth in the skin from 1 to 11 mm
  • Ultrasound scanner with intuitive, user-friendly interface

What it resolves

  • Cellulite and conditions linked to more persistent adipose layers
The information on this website is aimed solely at industry operators in accordance with the Italian Health department’s circular dated 28/03/2013.
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