Equipped with two sophisticated handpieces for firming, vascularising, draining and hydrating compromised tissue.

  • Sector
    Professional cosmetic treatments

  • Technology
    Radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum therapy

  • Purpose
    Non-surgical body contouring

Technological innovation with the combined use of different energy sources in the same handset, which can be configured with different dimensions for effective treatment on all parts of the body, including the smallest and most sensitive areas.

DEROS technology

What it does

  • Removal of cellulite and skin imperfections
  • Skin firming and contouring
  • Lymph drainage and endodermal massage
  • Increased circulation and transfer of active substances
  • Pre and post-liposuction treatment
  • Skin hydration
  • Skin tightening and reduction in facial wrinkles
  • Reduction in pitted ‘orange peel’ appearance

What it resolves

  • Local fatty tissue
  • Lymphatic dysfunction
  • Restoration of correct blood circulation
  • Loose skin on hips, buttocks, legs and stomach
  • Excess fat in the hips, buttocks, legs and abdomen
The information on this website is aimed solely at industry operators in accordance with the Italian Health department’s circular dated 28/03/2013.
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