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The Technologies:
evolving in the search
for perfection.

Cutting-edged, versatile systems provide healthcare personnel and beauty professionals with complete, effective solutions.
The twenty-year evolution of Triworks in specialist medical and cosmetic facilities all over the world means the company’s approach remains current and mindful of industry requirements to ensure optimal results for clients.

Equipment & Services.

Plasma Treatments
HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound)
Ultrasound cavitation & Radio Frequency
Liposuction & Soft Surgery
Blepharoplasty and non-surgical face lifts
Body Shaping & Body Contouring
Gynaecological treatments (stress urinary incontinence)
Anti-ageing treatments and tissue regeneration
Vacuum therapy and endodermal massage

100% Triworks Solutions.

Each phase of the production process is carried out internally and supervised by the R&D engineering laboratory. As a result, Triworks can continually optimise its range of equipment and devices in line with the highest certified medical standards, achieved partially thanks to invaluable open innovation activities with Italian universities and research institutes.


Reliability and continuity through ongoing support.

The focus placed on internal company processes accompanies the entire equipment life cycle. A centralised support service includes specialist Triworks technicians and engineers, dedicated to operator training, troubleshooting or scheduling maintenance.

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