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Triworks thinks of beauty as an expression of the best and more balanced result possible to reach following naturalness and strategic activity of treatments. For years Triworks has been dealing with the development of technologically advanced solutions for medical and aesthetic sectors, with products manufactured entirely in-house. This allows Triworks a constant control over the entire cycle of production of its equipment, to ensure their safety.

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Triworks proposes tested and approved methods only, because it follows the world of research and scientific progress with great care and attention. In fact, only when an available method is universally recognized by the medical world, Triworks develops it timely promoting always natural and safe beauty.

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Who relies on Triworks for more than purchase of technologies and methods guaranteed, also chooses protection of their investments. Triworks constantly cultivates a dialogue with the scientific community to provide continuous updating of equipment, in order to maintain high standards.

Only successful methods for visible and lasting results

Triworks proposes tested and approved methods only, because it follows the world of research and scientific progress with great care and attention. To choose intelligent beauty by Triworks means to offer your clients the desired results by the best non-invasive and totally effective methods.

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    SYNETICA EVOLUTION – The evolution of body contouring systems

    Synetica Evolution is the most advanced development of the cavitation concept, because it acts from within and targets the most restricted areas that, so far, are untreatable by the cavitation equipment on the market. Its enormous potential is concentrated in the “needle” hand-piece, which transmits the contouring action directly inside the tissue, aiming it at the most affected points.
    With minimum invasiveness, the cannula is inserted under the skin area to be treated. The direct solicitation of fat greatly enhances the effect of dissolution of fat masses, because the cavitation action stimulates fatty tissue in a more immediate way. However, the effectiveness of Synetica Evolution is even greater, because the ultrasonic waves are not generated on the entire length of the inserted cannula, but only at the tip. Radio frequency waves are simultaneously emitted from the body of the cannula, compensating the dissolution and depletion of tissues through micro cavitation. Radio frequency is also delivered only in the terminal part. In this way, the effect of skin rejuvenation induced by radio frequency is continuous, widespread and, above all, parallel to cavitational action.





        Next- generation technologies and new methods, introduced in aesthetic medicine are not enough to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatments offered. Fundamental is the hand of those who work