Sideria - What is HIFU treatment?

Face Litfing and Skin Tightening Treatment Procedure with SIDERIA

HIFU is a medical procedure that utilizes high intensity focused ultrasound energy. This method has been used broadly in the field of Medical Aesthetics. In 2016, the researches conducted by our Company in cooperation with the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, have led to the development and creation of a brand-new HIFU device: Sideria.

The HIFU device Sideria has been designed in compliance with the European Union directives and according to an advanced productive process based on quality and safety. Sideria is the technological and biomedical result of an Italian dream, an extraordinary work which combines engineering and design, research and innovation.

Sideria has considerably contributed to the improvement of the traditional methods of Aesthetic Medicine at an international level. This HIFU device represents an evolution of the classical facelift techniques and nonsurgical skin tightening procedures. The avant-gardisme of the SIDERIA Technology lies in a combination of elements: in its sophisticated design, in the precision of its latest generation ultrasound transducer, and in the high-tech components.

Sideria aims at achieving the apex of the pyramid; it wants to be the most advanced stage of the HIFU methodology. The uniqueness of the Sideria technology is based on the state-of-the-art of its electronic components, in the single cartridge without consumables, in a more powerful and sophisticated software, and above all, in the ECHO WAVE II ultrasound system. Additionally, the software of the ultrasound transducer, sending a signal to the internal part of the electric handpiece, enables to penetrate, with a single cartridge, within the tissue at two different depths, at the same time. The user can choose the different level of depths, according to safety parameters. This is the real uniqueness of this technology, all over the world.

Sideria is an electro-medical device ideal for skin and body rejuvenation, for tightens and reduce wrinkles and imperfections without using the traditional surgery techniques. It is a safe alternative to injectables, dermal skin fillers and their side-effects. Thanks to its seven different treatments, each of them designed for a different application and specific body area, and to the diversity of user protocols, the device enhances the global mode of operations and beauty techniques.

Currently, Sideria represents the ultimate frontier of the HIFU aesthetic and medical treatments. Its execution is easy and flexible, versatile and safe.


Da anni si occupa di sviluppare soluzioni tecnologicamente avanzate, per il settore medicale ed estetico, con prodotti realizzati interamente all’interno dell’azienda. Questo permette a Triworks un costante controllo sull’intero ciclo di produzione delle sue apparecchiature, a garanzia della loro sicurezza.

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