Synetica Evolution Technology

The origin of liposuction can be traced back to an adverse event which occurred in 1921 by Dujarrier when he used a uterine curette to remove fat from the knees of a ballerina ending in an amputation due to secondary damage of the femoral artery. 

In the past decades, although the development of the techniques and apparatus, the incidence of complications especially seroma and skin necrosis remained high. Today the liposuction surgery has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, lipo was the second nationwide trend in the last years (the first was the breast augmentation). There is no upper age limit for patients.This positive outcome has been reached thanks to brand new safe and effective technologies for liposuction.

Synetica Evolution designed by the Italian Company Triworks had the purpose of cutting off the limits and risks of the traditional research on liposuction. But what were these risks? 
Several years ago, Lipo was a delicate procedure, performed under regional or general anesthesia with many contradictions and after-effects. Moreover, the recovery was long and the post-hospitalization period required months of additional suffering and endurance.

Needless to say, that the entire procedure hurt and involved pain to a great extent, as the pain medications, the compression garment and after-stress for the patient. In addition, a person’s response to the surgery was varied and each patient healed differently.

Currently, all of these techniques and pains appear to be an obsolete and sore memory. 
The typical time frame of a body-contouring session performed with Synetica Evolution is one day and patiens usually get back to work after 2 days liposuction. There is no recovery since the Synetica Evolution requires only a 30 min outpatient surgery.

Because the traditional lipo removes fat but does not tighten skin, only very young patients with good skin elasticity tend to experience the most aesthetically pleasing results. And what about adults? The answer is given by Synetica Evolution which has been created to optimize outcomes enhancing the invasive technique of the traditional lipo surgery. This revolutionary outcome has been reached by combining the ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency in the same handpiece, and in the same time.

In a certain sense, the development of Synetica Evolution has led the history of Aesthetic Medicine Science to a more effective and evolving goal. The advantage is double inasmuch the method used is doubled: the ultrasound cavitation energy to destroy the adipose tissues and the radiofrequency energy to tighten and restore the skin and damaged tissues from deep inside. The ultrasound energy released by the tip of the cannula permits to lift giving much more elasticity and smoothness to the new epidermis and the treated area

The mixture of two cosmetic techniques in a single cannula (the external part of the handpiece) is a revolution in the traditional way of doing lipo all over the world. Ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency can be used during the treatments simultaneously or separated according to the surgeon’s needs. Furthermore, the use of two techniques gives no downtime and additional stress for patients. 

The evolution has also reached the instrumentations leading to a new conceptual philosophy in the design of the cannulas used for lipo. Initially, large cannulas were employed, some even up to 1cm in diameter, Synetica has 3 different thin diameter (2-3 mm) capable of penetrating in areas that are normally the most difficult to reach, e.g. chin. It is a smart and minimally-invasive concept of performing liposuction.

Synetica Evolution is particularly designed to re-shape and tighten the body, as well as the face, but also for common disorders of the endocrine system, such as the gynecomastia (the condition of a disproportionate growth of the male breast tissue).


Da anni si occupa di sviluppare soluzioni tecnologicamente avanzate, per il settore medicale ed estetico, con prodotti realizzati interamente all’interno dell’azienda. Questo permette a Triworks un costante controllo sull’intero ciclo di produzione delle sue apparecchiature, a garanzia della loro sicurezza.

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