DEROS is a multifunctional skincare device which combines radiofrequency, infrared light and vacuum anti-cellulite massage.
DEROS is a non-invasive body contouring procedure mainly indicated for the treatment of patients with cellulite, localized adipose tissues, lymphatic dysfunction and poor blood circulation. The combination of three procedures in a single device ensures and provides significant results. The action of the vaccum anticellulite massage is directed not only to reduce the adipose tissue, but also to improve skin firmness, skin elasticity and texture, boost tightness, optimize the skin’s condition and stimulate the lymphatic drainage. In addition, the multi-functional system of this device improves the metabolism and accelerates the regeneration processes by removing toxins and harmful substances from the body. The vacuum effect, together with the mechanical massage, performs the main action of DEROS facilitating the non-surgical fat removal procedure, especially in particular areas: on the hips, back, and nearby joints, gluteus, legs and abdomen.

A Technology for treatments of Electroporation, skin tightening and drainage endothermic massage

DEROS is equipped with two cutting-edge handpieces. A newly designed handpiece with pulsed vacuum technology, radiofrequency and infrared light to improve the Lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity and reduce sagging skin, cellulite and fat adipose deposits. Thanks to the combined action of this technology, DEROS provides the energy directly to the area where we get skin tightening. The electroporator is the second handpiece ideal to improve the texture of the skin, skin laxity and water retention. The electroporation technique acts directly on cellular mechanism, stimulating the transdermic delivery of specific dermal active principles. The handpieces with different size permit different applications and effective treatments on each body part. Thanks to its heads facilitate treatments in large areas of the body, as well as in restricted areas. An alternate use of the probes during the same treatment allows to transfer the active ingredient with electroporation and reach the most effective results, which are almost impossible to obtain with other devices. The treatment can be carried out all the year and on all body on men and women.


•    Treatment of localized adiposity
•    Reduction of fat adipose tissues and cellulite removal
•    Skin tightening and Body shaping
•    Improvement of skin texture and skin elasticity
•    Lymphatic drainage massage
•    Improvement of blood and lymph circulation
•    Tissue hydratation and body circumference reduction
•    Stimulation of cell metabolism and tissue regeneration
•    Reduction of the orange peel aspect


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